Simon Line First Run Prototype Discs Up for Grabs: Your Guide to Getting One


MVP Disc Sports Simon Line First Run Prototype Time-Lapse

Disc golf has witnessed its trailblazers, and Simon Lizotte is undeniably among the elite. As enthusiasts of the sport are aware, Simon is on the verge of releasing his signature line of custom discs, aptly named the Simon Line. This is monumental news for disc golf aficionados, and as Canada's leading disc golf retailer, Ace Runners Disc Golf is ecstatic to be part of this historical moment.

A Deep Dive into the Time-Lapse

The Time-Lapse, the inaugural disc in the Simon Line, is already setting benchmarks. As the first-ever 12-speed disc in the MVP family, its flight numbers are evocative of esteemed favorites such as the Innova Destroyer or Simon's prior go-to, the Discmania DD3. Crafted to harness the pinnacle of what a 12-speed disc can offer, the Time-Lapse promises unparalleled flights coupled with a predictable and controllable fade. Its 22mm rim width is the embodiment of the ideal interplay between speed and comfort, while a subtle dome heightens its allure, magnifying both its tactile appeal and glide. Those with a powerful throw can expect the Time-Lapse to be a distance marvel, while the more restrained players will value its control, potentially even utilizing it as a wind combatant. With Simon's insight, this 12-speed marvel from MVP, is destined for perfection.

Each Retailer Only Gets 10 Discs

To celebrate the announcement of the Simon Line, MVP Disc Sports released a very limited number of First Run Prototypes of the Time-Lapse. Every retailer who orders direct from MVP, Ace Runners included, were restricted to a scant 10 of this edition. Given Simon's colossal fanbase, these discs are anticipated to be a collector's gem right from its inception and projected to vanish in the blink of an eye

Your Guide to Securing a Chance to Purchase One of the Simon Line Discs

So, how does one clinch this treasure at Ace Runners? Our customers will have 9 chances to win an opportunity to purchase a First Run Prototype which retails at USD $39.95 (roughly CAD $54). Here's our allocation strategy:

  • 3 discs via an in-store lottery: Swing by our store from September 15 to September 24, 2023 during our retail hours. You will receive one entry form with a minimum $20 purchase. One form per person (must be at least 5 years old) during this time period; anyone with more than one entry will be disqualified.
  • 1 disc earmarked for in-store display: Visit us, marvel at its beauty, and strategize on how you might add one to your collection.
  • 6 discs through a contest for our loyal customers: Here's the intriguing part!

Contest Details

To earn an opportunity to purchase one of the 6 contest discs, you must have:

  1. Past Patronage: You must have made at least 2 orders on our website and/or in-store in 2023 (orders in 2023 up to and including September 13). If you don't have an account but have made purchases in-store, we will ask you for receipts if we reach out.

  2. Flaunt Your Simon Knowledge: Venture into our Simon Lizotte quiz. It dives deep into the intricacies of Simon's illustrious career, milestones, and personal trivia. To be in the race, you must score 80% or above. Consider it a fun challenge to demonstrate your Simon fandom!

[Complete the quiz by clicking here]

Ready for the challenge? Venture into the quiz, solidify your standing, and brace yourself to be among the elite few globally to acquire the debut disc from the Simon Line!

Entry Deadlines: September 24 is the last day for in-store lottery entries and contest submissions.

We will contact the winners after September 24 and announce the results shortly after. Note that MVP has set September 20 as the release date for the First Run Prototype.

Stock Run Time-Lapses

MVP has not announced when the stock Time-Lapses will be available. All we know is that they are very behind in production because many of their molds are currently out of stock and they haven't shipped out their Halloween edition discs yet. When the stock runs do become available, we will make sure to order lots in.


Please note: The opportunity here is not for a free disc but a unique chance to purchase this limited-edition gem. We believe true enthusiasts will value the exclusivity and the connection to Simon that this disc embodies.


  • Wesley Reid

    Simon is my favorite player I really hope I am lucky enough to purchase one and get to add it to my Simon collection. It would be an amazing center peice🤞

  • Will Henderson

    Simon has been my favourite player for a long time. I really hope i’m fortunate enough to win one of these discs. It would be cherished.

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