2022 BC Open: Second Course Added

Second Course Approved

We are pleased to announce that our special event application has been approved and we will have a second course for the 2022 BC Open at the Equestrian Cross-Country Course at Campbell Valley Regional Park. We would like to thank the Campbell Valley Equestrian Society and Metro Vancouver Regional Parks for working with Ace Runners and permitting us to use this property for the 2022 BC Open. We would also like to thank Chris Hartmann and Stewart McIsack of INdesign Disc Golf, both of whom played an integral part in this process by helping to secure this property and creating the course layout. Our second course will be located on approximately 45 acres of the Campbell Valley Regional Park and it will have a mixture of wide-open spaces, elevation and treed fairways which will provide for a beautiful and challenging venue.

Waitlist Accommodated and Division Changes

Now that we have our second course, all 131 registrants on the waitlist have been moved into the Registered Players list. Since we know that a number of people have registered in Divisions that were not their first choice, we want to give all current registered players the opportunity to play in the Division of their choice. If you are one of these registered players, please go to The Disc Golf Scene and move yourself into your preferred Division by end of day Sunday, May 1, 2022. We will then finalize the player caps for all Divisions and open up any remaining spots for additional players.

Course Layouts and Schedules

Due to the addition of the second course, this does mean that all players will be divided into two pools – one pool will play Raptors Knoll twice and the other pool will play the course at Campbell Valley Regional Park twice. Although the course layouts will not be announced until later, we can say that all players will be playing the same layout at Campbell Valley Regional Park and only the Blue Layout and Gold Layout will be used at Raptors Knoll.

Course Restrictions

Please note that this property at Campbell Valley Regional Park is an active equestrian facility and disc golf is not permitted at any time other than our permitted event dates from July 21-24, 2022. Our temporary second course will be available for practice on July 21, 2022 for registered players. Registered players will have the opportunity to reserve a tee time at a later date on a first come first serve basis. As we are very excited about this venue and hope that this will be an inaugural event for disc golf on this property, we ask that everyone be an ambassador of disc golf while on this property.

Thank you to all our registrants who have been waiting patiently to see if they can move into their desired Division. And now if you would like a sneak preview of this property, see here.

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