Ace Runners Team Member: Saurav Chawla

It was in late September when me and my friend saw a bunch of people playing disc golf in the park - we were confused. We thought they were playing frisbee, but no one was catching the disc (except the basket, lol). I approached them and they were super nice and gave us the idea about the game and invited us to play with them with their discs. Even though I hit so many trees, I also had so much fun and made some new friends. That day, I added one more sport to my favorite list.

Fast forward 1 week, I got the chance to become part of the Ace Runners team. Here I enjoy learning about the game, new discs, meeting with disc golf enthusiasts and I absolutely love the way people light up when their disc golf needs get fulfilled. Also, I love going to Raptor’s Knoll (when it’s not raining) and I like watching games of professionals like Paul McBeth.

February 2021