Ace Runners' Lost Disc Returns

All disc golfers inevitably lose a disc or find a disc. If you find a disc with the owner’s contact information on it, you can call/text/email the owner to try to return it. Sometimes, owners will be ecstatic because that particular disc is their favorite which took years to wear in to perfectly match their arm speed and throwing style. Other times, owners may not particularly care for that lost disc and won’t bother to respond or will just ask you to keep it because that disc was not for them. If you don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable contacting a stranger, you have the option of bringing it to our store.

Lost discs with legible contact information - Upon receipt, we will:

  1. Tag the disc with a claim number and date of receipt.
  2. Text the number on the disc with the following message: "A disc with this phone number was returned to Ace Runners Disc Golf (see It can be picked up during our retail hours under claim #_____"
  3. File the disc with other lost discs we have received.

How to claim your lost disc:

  1. If you have been advised by Ace Runners that your lost disc is at Ace Runners, please come into our store with ID which displays your name to pick up your lost disc.
  2. If one of your friends is willing to pick up your lost disc, they will need your name and claim number.
  3. If you would like us to ship your lost disc to you, you can now add Lost Disc Return Product to your cart. Our system will calculate the shipping cost as charged by your selected shipping carrier and method of shipping prior to any payment. 

Unclaimed lost discs

  1. We will keep a lost disc for a maximum of 4 months (it was previously 6 months but we have adjusted the time frame because almost all of the discs that are claimed are claimed within 2 months of our initial communication to the disc owner).
  2. If a lost disc is not claimed within 4 months, it goes into one of our donation boxes. These boxes will be donated to organizations/individuals who need discs to grow the sport.

Lost discs with no legible contact information - These discs go straight into our donation boxes.

How to lose less discs

  1. Write your name and contact information on your discs with a permanent marker; otherwise you have almost a zero chance of getting it back.
  2. Throw colours that contrast against the colours of your disc golf course. Examples: Throw pink discs where there is lots of green grass. Don’t throw orange and yellow discs if your course is full of fallen autumn leaves.
  3. Throw discs that suit your arm speed so you can throw with accuracy.
  4. Watch the flight of your disc until it lands (even if it is a horrible throw).