Catch the Action! Post-Production Coverage for the Canadian Skins Match at Raptors Knoll

Canadian Skins Match Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park

What is a Skins Match and Why is This One Special?

Earlier this year Ace Runners Disc Golf helped to organize and sponsor a $2,000 skins match featuring Thomas Gilbert, Casey Hanemayer, Max Regitnig and Stewart McIsack - all 1000+ rated players - which took place at Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park on May 8, 2023 and was filmed by Parked Pro. In a skins match, each hole is worth a certain amount of money, or "skins," and the player with the lowest score on each hole wins the skin. You generally can't win with lay-ups so every throw is an all-or-nothing throw which makes the game exciting for spectators. What made this particular skins match so special is that it was the first of its kind in Canada. We had hoped for 100 spectators and were pleasantly surprised by a crowd of roughly 200 who came to Raptors Knoll on a Monday evening just to watch the foursome play.

Lights, Camera, Action! Film Coverage Made Possible by Corporate Sponsors

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Ace Runners Disc Golf, INdesign Disc Golf, Brave Brewing Company, Discmania and ZÜCAthis historic skins match was captured on film for all to see. Parked Pro had a three-person camera crew following the players as they navigated the gold level course, capturing every drive and winning putt. If you have not watched the film coverage yet, check out the Front Nine and Back Nine

Raptors Knoll and its Unsung Heroes

The film coverage not only showcases the skills of the players but also highlights the beauty of Raptors Knoll. With most holes offering three teepad options and two pin placements, our course is designed to challenge and entertain golfers of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, you'll find a favorite hole to love here. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to play Raptors Knoll, we hope this overview of our course will encourage you to visit. Of course, it goes without saying that none of this is possible without the dedication of a small core of dedicated volunteers who maintain and continually improve this disc golf course. If you would like to help out, simply reach out and express your interest. The organizers will be thrilled to have an extra pair of hands (and a disc-obsessed mind) to help with course maintenance and improvement projects.

Who is Canada's Top Player?

The 2023 Canadian National Championships just kicked off in Thunder Bay and it's safe to say that some expected a fierce battle among the seasoned players; however, two 16-year-olds have surprised everyone and taken the lead after the first round. Leading the pack is Kalan Schat, a young talent hailing from Beamsville, Ontario. With an astonishing 1073 rated round, Schat has managed to secure a remarkable six-stroke lead over his competitors. Austin Boge, who played a more than solid 1028 round, is in second place after the first round. They will be featured on the lead card with Thomas Gilbert and Bryan Freese in the second round. Who would have thought that two teenagers would steal the show from the seasoned pros? These rising stars will be introduced to the nation in Parked Pro's post-production coverage for this event.

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