Introducing Innova's New Proto Glow

Innova Champion Discs introduced its latest innovation on January 23, 2024 with the release of its upgraded glow formula in limited editions of the 40th Anniversary Proto Glow DX Aviar and 40th Anniversary Proto Glow Champion XD (both molds were PDGA approved on January 1, 1984). Proto Glow is also available in Innova's 2024 Tour Series discs.

Compared to Innova's former glow formula, now known as Classic Glow, Proto Glow offers a significant upgrade in terms of the brightness and longevity of its glow effect across Champion, DX and Star plastic (see photo below)With Proto Glow, Innova joins disc manufacturers known for their glow-in-the-dark discs such as MVP Disc Sports, Kastaplast, Lone Star Discs and RPM Discs

Innova Disc Golf new Proto Glow discs

What Colours Glow Best?

Similar to the glow of other disc manufacturers, regular Proto Glow in translucent plastic shines brighter and longer than Coloured Proto Glow in translucent plastic (see photo below). 

 Innova Disc Golf Proto Glow Champion XD and Whale

When comparing the glow of Proto Colour Glow in Star plastic (see photo below), Blue and White are fairly comparable in brightness, followed by Pink and then Orange. 

Innova Star Proto Colour Glow Valkyrie Keith Emerson Tour Series

Will Classic Glow Still be Available?

Innova's Classic Glow does have a following, but not because of their glow performance. Many players prefer Classic Glow Champion over Champion because Classic Glow Champion is more grippy, gummy and opaque than Champion. Others prefer Classic Glow Star over Star because Classic Glow Star is softer and gummier than Star. For the initial release of Innova's 2024 Tour Series discs, four of the team members chose Proto Glow for their tour series discs; Nathan Queen's 2024 Tour Series Wraith is in the same plastic as his 2023 Tour Series Wraith - Classic Colour Glow Star.

Depending on demand, Innova may continue producing Classic Glow discs for those who appreciate their unique qualities and who do not prioritize glow rounds. 

Why Choose Proto Glow?

If you have ever wished for brighter glowing Innova discs for glow rounds or simply to continue playing those last holes after the sun goes down, try the new Proto Glow. If you don't feel the need to bag the most radioactive glow available, try the Proto Colour Glow. These plastics feel grippier than regular Champion and Star plastic and if you use these discs for both your day rounds and night rounds, you can have coloured discs that are easy to locate in the daytime.

 Innova Disc Golf Proto Colour Glow Star Valkyrie Emerson Keith Tour Series

We expect Innova will be releasing more Proto Glow in their 2024 Tour Series and hopefully more stock molds this year. 

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