Limits on High Demand Short Supply Discs

Some disc golf manufacturers have responded to the gap between demand and supply for disc golf discs by imposing limits (and some of the limits keep getting smaller and smaller) on the number of discs that retailers and the public can buy.  As for the other manufacturers, it's "you snooze, you lose".

Since we have been asked to impose limits on high demand discs which are in short supply, we have started to place limits on these discs. Please know that many of you have not and will not be able to purchase one of these high demand short supply discs even with a 1 disc limit in place. Note that our website, like most others, only locks in your order once payment is received so if you are able to add one to your cart, you need to check out and pay asap.

Our new process for incoming high demand low supply discs:

1. Try to purchase them;

2. Once successfully purchased, wait for our shipping confirmation before creating a new product with a "Coming Soon" note on our Our Newest Product page without a release date (delivery should be in 1 to 2 weeks);

3. If there have been lots of queries and sign ups for restock notifications, we add limits on the quantities each customer can purchase;

4. After we receive the product, we add a release date and time to the "Coming Soon" product;

5. Then we send out restocked notifications to customers who have requested them so they can check for the release date and time attached to the product on our website, which should be at least 24 hours after the email notifications are sent.

We generally do not announce these releases on social media because we do not want to create more demand. 

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