What to Do If Your Disc Golf Bag Gets Stolen?

We hope you never have to go through the experience of having your bag stolen but it does happen. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, there are steps you can take to potentially recover your bag and prevent future losses.

Step To Take If Your Bag is Stolen

1st Step: Take Care of your Mind

Take a deep breath and zoom out of the situation.

Discs don’t make a player. Your mindset does. Although your game has taken a hit, it’s only down temporarily. Recognize that a year or two from now, this won’t have an impact.  Stay strong and focused.

Also, there's a chance you may not recover it and it’s best to accept that in advance to prevent future heartbreak. 

2nd Step: Search Nearby Dumpsters

Search dumpsters within a 2-5 km radius of where the bag was stolen.

Realize that the thief likely targeted your car for visible valuables, not specifically your disc golf bag. Often, they realize too late that a bag full of discs doesn't have much resale value and toss it.

It’s common for thieves to quickly rummage through stolen bags and discard what they don't need.

3rd Step: File a Police Report and Explore Insurance

Filing a police report can help in more ways than you think. It officially documents the theft and can be helpful for insurance claims.

Many homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies cover thefts like this, although deductibles can be high. It's worth exploring if your policy offers any reimbursement however do note this may cause an increase in premiums.

4th Step: Engage with Your Local Community

Posting on local Facebook groups or disc golf forums can alert the community. People might spot your bag or offer helpful information. 

A post online also helps remind others to keep their valuables safe. You might not get yours back but you can definitely help prevent others from getting their bag stolen. 

Plus, the disc golf community is often generous. Members might have spare discs or bags to help you get back on your feet.

5th Step: Monitor Online Marketplaces

Regularly check websites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and local buy/sell/trade groups. Search for keywords like “frisbee” and “disc golf” to spot your items.

Setting up alerts or automated searches on online marketplaces for specific keywords can help streamline the monitoring process.

How To Prevent A Theft 

Prevention is key when it comes to protecting your disc golf bag. Here are some strategies to minimize the risk of theft:

  • Bring it Inside: Yes, it’s an inconvenience but the most secure place for your disc golf bag is inside your house. Avoid leaving it in your car overnight or for prolonged periods. This simple habit can significantly reduce the risk of theft.
  • Keep It Out of Sight:  If keeping your bag inside isn't an option, ensure it’s hidden from view when in your car. A bag left on the seat or in the back window can be an irresistible lure for a smash and grab. Cars with a trunk or a cargo cover offer great places to stash your bag too.
  • Smart Parking: Opt for well-lit, populated parking areas. Thieves are less inclined to break into vehicles when there's a higher risk of being seen or caught.
  • Track with Tech: Small GPS trackers, like an Apple AirTag, can be a game-changer. Conceal one in your bag, and if the worst happens, you'll have a way to track its location. This not only aids in recovery but can also provide valuable information to law enforcement.

Our Closing Thoughts

It’s essential to remember that your skill as a player isn’t defined by your equipment but by your mindset. Stay positive, and remember that this setback won’t define your experience in the sport. Keep your love for the game alive, and you'll come out stronger.

While the likelihood of recovering a stolen disc golf bag is uncertain, taking these steps increases your chances and helps in moving forward.