Custom Print Disc Golf Bag Tags (Anodized Aluminum)

Custom Print Disc Golf Bag Tags (Anodized Aluminum)
Custom Print Disc Golf Bag Tags (Anodized Aluminum)

Custom Print Disc Golf Bag Tags (Anodized Aluminum)

Processing time for custom prints is about one week.
  • MUST ORDER AT LEAST 10 Tags per design. Price per Tag Quantity below is based on one image per print side with sequential imprinted numbers. Your subtotal will show after you click Add to cart.
  • If you want your number 1, 2 and 3 tags to be different colours, please add a note to your cart or add a note when uploading your image file(s)
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Anodized aluminum (silver coloured) bag tags ready for your custom graphic and text. Tags can be full colour printed with a shiny finish and numbered sequentially.

Tag Size: 29 mm by 50 mm (Weight: ~ 2 grams)

Image Size: Your image size should be 40mm by 60mm to ensure full print coverage of the bag tag. Note the red dot in the image below represents the hole punch on the bag tag.

Image Upload Instructions: For best results, please upload a high quality image. We generally recommend a PNG file no smaller than 720x720 pixels in size. We will email you a mock-up before printing. Please note that the printed tag you receive may appear slightly different in terms of colour than the image shown on your screen due to lighting variations. 

Below are examples of images with a non-transparent background and how those images will print on a tag:

Below is an example of an image with a transparent background and how that image will print on a tag. 

Processing TimeOur custom print bag tags are made to order. As we generally print custom print items at least once a week, your bag tags may be ready next business day if you ordered it the day before print day or your bag tags may not be ready for another 8 days if you ordered it immediately after a print day. Processing time will depend on how many custom orders we receive and staff availability.

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