Innova - DISCatcher Pro 28 (Permanent)

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The DISCatcher Pro 28 is designed to lower your scores, the DISCatcher® Pro 28 is equipped 14 outer chains, 7 intermediate, and 7 inner chains. This chain grid catches fast and slow putts, heavy and light discs like no other target. 

The DISCatcher® Pro is installed on more disc golf courses worldwide than any other brand.


  • Approved for Championship level play by the PDGA
  • 28 chains configured in three tiers for superior catching action
  • Catches fast and slow putts and has a large sweet spot
  • 14 spoke catching tray design with additional ring support adds strength while reducing the possibility of discs squeezing through
  • All-season weather tested long-lasting outdoor materials – galvanized steel, galvanized chains, powder-coated stainless steel chain rack, and stainless steel hardware
  • Permanent setup includes full-length pole, installation sleeve and locking collar
  • Bright yellow 4″ tall chain rack improves visibility in all conditions and knocks down high putts
  • Deep basket with inline nubs (wire bends) to minimize adverse action for low putts
  • Additional installation sleeves available to allow for multiple course configurations

Due to the size of this item and the length of the one-piece pole, a custom shipping quote may be required for some areas.

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