Discmania - FD (D-Line Glow Flex 2 - Moonscape)

Discmania - FD (D-Line Glow Flex 2 - Moonscape)

Speed 7 | Glide 6 | Turn 0 | Fade 1
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Speed: 7 | Glide: 6 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 1

This is the FD, Discmania's most popular fairway driver, and available for the first time ever in Glow D-Line plastic - the really good kind! Not only do they glow bright and for a long time, these have a quite rigid feel and they fly like you'd expect an FD to fly. Off the shelf these fall somewhere in between the C-line and S-line FD's in the stability spectrum.

The FD was Discmania's first Fairway Driver and has always been a true best seller in their line up. It’s certainly one of the most iconic Discmania molds out there. If you’re looking to get your hands on your first Discmania disc, this is a great place to start.

The Discmania FD is essential to all players. It is so versatile that it is often claimed as the best fairway driver on the market. As a speed seven disc, the FD falls in the middle of almost all disc speeds. With a trusty flight, the consistency of this disc is essential to all players bags. It is comfortable in the hand, feels fast, and it has a ton of glide. It is perfect for hyzer flip, turn over, roller, and tailwind shots.

  • D-Line Glow: Glowing version of the D-line plastic. It adds glowing properties to the disc.
  • D-Line - The most affordable plastic in Discmania's Reinvented Line. D-line offers great grip and D-line discs can be cycled through your bag in different stabilities as they beat in. The D-line plastic comes in 3 different flexes. Flex 1 is the softest, Flex 2 is medium stiffness and Flex 3 is the stiffest D-line plastic.

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