Latitude 64 - Bolt (Opto Air)

Latitude 64 - Bolt (Opto Air)

Speed 13 | Glide 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 3
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Speed: 13 | Glide: 6 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 3

This is one of Latitude 64's more understable distance drivers. It has an understable flight path with good glide. This is the perfect distance driver for players with slower arm speed who want to throw far. For experienced players with more power, the Bolt can still be useful when fast and understable is what you are looking for.

Best choice for: Understable distance drives, max distance for newer players, rollers at high speeds.

Latitude 64 Bolt

Latitude 64 Bolt Distance Driver

  • Durable premium plastic in translucent colours.
  • Opto plastic is slightly modified with a different process to make light weight discs.

Discs branded Latitude 64°, Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs (the trio is known as Trilogy) are made in the Latitude 64° factory in Sweden. The following plastic types should be equivalents:

  • Retro/Prime/Origio
  • Zero/Classic/BT
  • Opto/Lucid/VIP
  • Gold/Fuzion/Tournament

Latitude 64° Plastic Overview

Dynamic Discs Plastic Overview

Westside Discs Plastic Overview

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